Monday, September 04, 2017


Trump proclaimed that being able to make a deal is in the genes. He came to power proclaiming deals, deals, deals. Many of his dupes believed he could bring peace to the world through his deals: in the Middle East; with Russia; with China; with anyone.

Deals, deals, deals means peace, peace, peace.

But now?

He is refusing to even try to make a deal with North Korea, even though now is probably the best time ever for the USA and North Korea to sit down and talk, talk, talk to make deals, deals, deals.

He will be unable to broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinians because of his choice of negotiator: the IDF-loving Jared Kushner.

And he is also refusing to talk to China about the South China Sea:

Frustrated by continuing rebuffs from US President Donald Trump to overtures for bilateral negotiation, and now facing an enhanced US Navy presence in what it claims to be home waters, Beijing is expected to step up its weapons and military asset deployment in the hotly-disputed region, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

[source : Washington to Escalate US Navy Patrols in the South China Sea, Angering Beijing, Sputnik, 2nd September 2017]

Kim Jong Un is the most pro-West leader of North Korea. It may not look like it, but take Kim's deep interest in basketball and the relationship with Dennis Rodman. It would be suicidal for North Korea to make a first strike on the USA. As BoJo says, North Korea would be vapourised.

Watch this video on Kim Jong Un. There is a small but definite swing to reform towards a market economy under Kim, like there was under China.

It's time to bring North Korea in from the cold, not burn it and the many millions of unwitting North Koreans in fire and fury.

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