Monday, September 11, 2017


Years before the election last year, Infowars made their fortune from claiming that 9/11 was done with the participation of Israel and Saudi Arabia, and that these two nations also ran Islamic State.

Before he was elected last year, Bomber Trump was openly Zionist, stating that Netanyahu was "a great guy" and claiming that nobody loved Israel more than him, even after Netanyahu had killed 520 children in Gaza in 2014. Trump also gave the impression that he thought Saudi Arabia played some part in 9/11.

But despite this, Infowars openly supported and promoted Trump, which may or may not have helped him to achieve victory. Analysis suggests that Murdoch's media empire and the pro-Israel Breitbart were the major media that helped to elect Trump, with a strong social media operation also playing a part, which is where Infowars may or may not have helped.

But since his election, Trump has courted the Saudis, agreeing a $350 billion weapons and defence deal, and also forming an alliance with the Saudis (who did do 9/11 and unleashed the Jihadis) against Iran (who didn't do 9/11 and is fighting the Jihadis). Trump is also looking to rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran for Israel, which will totally destabilise the Middle East. Infowars are fully aware of the plan revealed to General Wesley Clark for war and regime change in seven countries in five years. Somalia and Iran are the only two nations to not have experienced war, but Trump is slowly invading Somalia. And after years of warning Obama to stay out of Syria, at the first opportunity he got Trump bombed Syria, and is now building bases in Syria and forging an alliance with the Syrian Kurds. This alliance with the Kurds could lead to war with Iran if the Kurds begin to demand autonomy and the Iranians refuse.

9/11 was an inside job to kick all this off, with Iran as the ultimate target. Kissinger, for whom Trump has "tremendous respect", would prefer Islamic State to an Iran with a huge influence in the Middle East. And Trump's foreign policy so far is definitely in line with US foreign policy since 9/11.

Infowars were fully aware of Trump's Zionism, but showed no concern, and in fact openly flirted with Zionist media. But Trump has done 'em like a kipper over that "cancer on the world", Saudi Arabia.

All that Trump is doing is making a few tweaks to the right.

Repeat after me : it doesn't matter if there is a red or a blue in The White House, there is a global agenda and it must not be stopped.

And that global agenda includes:
1. elimination of cash;
2. everyone and everything microchipped;
3. robots and AI taking over human jobs;
4. war, war, war;
5. elimination of social security and safety nets.

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