Wednesday, September 13, 2017


"Hire American and buy American", demands GEOTUS Trump.

But Mar-a-Lago hires cheap foreign labour.

Trump Winery too.

Trump Golf Course in Dubai just hired a Chinese government-owned construction company to build a road.

Ivanka's supply chain is based overwhelmingly on cheap foreign labour.

And now we have The Trump International Beach Resort, in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida looking to hire cheap foreign labour.

Imagine my shock, after all that Trump said about that "cancer on the world", Saudi Arabia.

The Trump International Beach Resort, in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, has asked the government for permission to hire more temporary foreign workers to labor as housekeepers, according to records posted by the Department of Labor on Monday.

The resort, which is near Miami, licenses President Donald Trump’s name but is owned by the International Resorts Management Group. It asked for permission to bring in 10 housekeepers, claiming no Americans wanted the jobs. The positions pay $10.64 an hour.

Including this latest request, companies owned by Trump or bearing his name have already sought to hire at least 380 foreign guest workers under the federal H-2 visa guest worker programs since June of 2015 when he announced his presidential campaign. Most recently, in July, Mar-A-Lago, the private club that Trump calls his Winter White House, asked for permission to hire 70 foreign workers as cooks, servers and housekeepers, according to Labor Department records.

[source : Trump Beach Resort Wants More Foreign Guest Workers, Buzzfeed,, 12th September 2017]

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