Saturday, September 02, 2017


That's what Neil Clark has written:
All things considered, The Regime must look back at the first eight months of 2017 with great satisfaction. A president who could have been a problem has been neutered. The coup de grace was the War Party’s representatives in Congress coming together to promote a bill imposing even tougher sanctions on Russia (and Iran)- and curtailing the president’s ability to lift the sanctions.

If Trump refused to sign it, then it would be taken as proof that he was indeed a ‘Russian agent‘ and had to be impeached. If he caved in, then it was game, set and match to The Regime.

Not only has Trump been brought into line on Russia, he’s also accepted a McCarthyite purging of White House staff/advisors who rejected or opposed the War Party’s hostile stance toward Moscow. One by one, these people have been replaced by those acceptable to The Regime.

[source : Last eight months prove United States a bonafide regime, RT,, 1st September 2017]

An administration packed with globalist swamp-dwellers.

Back to Afghanistan.

Bombs and bases in Syria.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of dead civilians in the Middle East.

Assisting Saudi genocide and making cholera great again in Yemen.

Threatening nuclear war on North Korea, while provoking China in the South China Sea.

Sanctions and expulsions regarding Russia.

Destabilising the Middle East by demanding, a la Neocons circa 2002/3, evidence of Iranian non-compliance with the P5+1 deal.

Not so many jobs, jobs, jobs as Obama.

No replacement of Obamacare.

No wall.

Wall Street beginning to again sell bespoke CDOs while Trump wants to unleash Wall Street and his Glass-Steagall is nowhere in sight.

Boogies with the Saudis to enrich the military-industrial complex.

And demanding Americans hire American and buy American while Trump Winery and Mar-a-Lago look to hire cheap foreign labour, and Ivanka's clothing and accessories products are made in cheap Communist Chinese sweatshops.

Just another day in the Trumpire!


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